NCI Outpatient Clinics

Two years ago, one of the two towers of Egypt’s National Cancer Institute needed structural reinforcement and renovation. NCI decided as a safety and preventive measure to consolidate services into one tower, which resulted in over-crowding. The reinforcement assessment was estimated to take at least 5 years but an interim solution was presented in the opportunity to leverage the 4,200 sq. meter garden area near one of the towers where a light structure complex could be built to house 43 outpatients, resulting in 1,600 visitors per day. While this interim solution helped to reduce the overcrowding in the tower there is an urgent need to speed up the construction for the new complex to ensure smooth service and safety of patients and staff. Please see the architectural drawings for the complex above. The new complex estimated cost is 10-8 million Egyptian pounds. According to engineer who has previously worked on NCI projects and is currently overseeing the new complex implementation.