Sponsor a Child Program

“Sponsor a Child” aims at securing on-going funding resources to cover treatment costs of patients over a long period of time including lab tests, imagery investigations, medicines, surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation programs….and others. This program is designed to link various donations be it Zakat, Sadaka or tithing directly to covering costs of treatment & care of patient.

Each child receives comprehensive treatment ranging from full investigations, medical & surgical treatment according to the latest treatment protocol as well as psychological & physical rehabilitation.

Cancer treatment and follow-up extends over a long period of time. Leukemia which is the most common form of cancer, requires between 1-3 years of treatment & could cost from 100,000 to 300,000LE over the period.
In the event of a total donation amount reaching L.E. 50,000 over a one-year period by a specific donor and benefiting this fundraising scheme in particular, he or she will be acknowledged by putting his or her name on a plaque of honor in the ward for the period of the sponsorship.

“Sponsor a Child Program” donors are given a variety of options as listed below. Choose your option now and give hope to a child for a better tomorrow!