CCHE 57357, a safe haven for many patients

Reaching the shore was all that the mother of our little angel Yoanna had longed for and her wish has finally come to reality as Youanna has completed the cancer treatment phase and started the follow-up stage, at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357.

Yoanna was only one-year-old when she started to cry from unidentified abdominal agonizing pain and diarrhea that lasted for several days for which only antibiotics were the only possible treatment to alleviate the symptoms. “Thanks to the medical team in CCHE 57357, my daughter  got the right diagnosis immediately upon her admittance ‘, shares Yoanna’s Mother, explaining that her daughter was fortunate to get the right diagnosis immediately and that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the considerable experience of the doctors in the field of oncology at the hospital.

In 2017 the little angel was admitted to the hospital where further checks had been carried out and an abdominal mass had been detected .She was diagnosed with  Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer that is a rare type of disease in children) at a mid-stage of illness severity which required a speedy interference and to start the treatment protocol straight away.

“Knowing how to deal with a patient as young as Yoanna to alleviate her fears, is the key to a successful treatment plan and a speedy recovery”, Said Dr. Saied Abd El- Hameed, the primary oncologist of Yoanna explaining that the little girl had shown a great response to the chemotherapy treatment in-spite of being admitted to the hospital at a mid-stage of illness severity.

“The good news for us was that the whole tumor had been removed during the surgery”, shares  Yoanna’s  mother, explaining  that after the fourth chemotherapy cycle, the medical condition of her daughter enabled her  to go through the surgical intervention.

After completing the treatment protocol of six chemotherapy cycles,  examinations have shown that there was no more evidence of the disease which brought forth hope, joy, and a happy ending to the treatment story of Yoanna .