Hana is a fighter in 57357, waiting for bone marrow transplantation, dreaming of recovery and wishing to become a dentist

Our little fighter is 8 years old; she was admitted to 57357 two years ago, and was diagnosed with tumor of the adrenal gland on top of the kidney. She received intensive chemotherapy doses as soon as she was admitted, and before she undergoes the surgery. She had a surgery where a part of the tumor was removed along with a part of the intestine, as she had intestinal obstruction. After the surgery, Hana started chemotherapy again. She received 4 doses with a remaining 2 doses. Doctors decided to perform autologous bone marrow transplantation. Lately, doctors discovered weakness in her heart muscle.

Our fighter Hana is always smiling, and actively participating in activities despite all the challenges. A deep desire to become a dentist and to treat children in 57357, fuels her combative spirit. She has many friends here in Hospital 57357, on top of them is Dr. Soha Kareem, her treating physician, as she is, as Hana said, very compassionate and always reassuring her. Currently, our fighter is getting ready for the month of Ramadan by saving her allowance to buy small lanterns, to offer to her friends in the Hospital, specially her friends in the art therapy recreation center. Hana says that she likes the Hospital’s ads, especially Am Zaza’s ad, and wishes to participate in one of them, to tell people about all the nice things she learned in 57357.

Hana’s mother confides in us, “I used to see the Hospital’s ads, but never imagined that my only daughter would be admitted there”. “When we were admitted, I was hopeless about her survival, but Dr. Kareem gave me hope. She takes care of Hana as if she was her own daughter. Everyone here whether doctors, nurses, or staff are treating Hana so nicely”.

Thanks be to God and to the exceptional care she is receiving, Hana is improving, said Hana’s mother. I am thanking God for having a place like 57357, with all those who are taking care of my daughter, may God bless every donor to this Hospital as he contributes to our children’s healing, she added.

Our fighter Hana, and many like her in 57357, are challenging the disease throughout their long hard treatment journey. With your support, our children maintain their dreams of cure.

May God grant Hana and all our children in 57357, recovery .