Salma’s Mom: “Humane and proficient, professionals in CCHE57357 have rescued my daughter from death.”

” An impressive scene where all medical conference attendees applauded after a patient case presentation”, recalls Dr. Mohamed Sedki, pediatric oncology consultant at CCHE57357, describing how the audience was surprised by the recovery of the case from a serious illness.

In a completely critical condition, Salma was admitted to the Children’s Cancer Hospital on a ventilator due to a failure in her lung functions. The result of her lab biopsy accurately determined her serious and rare diagnosis. The two-year-old girl was diagnosed with L.C.H. (Langerhans cell histiocytosis).

LCH is a rare disorder that occurs when a child has too many of a certain type of cell called Langerhans cells, which usually grow in certain tissues in an organ and damage it. The primary doctor needed a lung biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. The medical intervention for the biopsy, especially from the lungs, was very critical. 

Unfortunately, her regular examinations on the fourth week of treatment have shown that Salma is not responding to the first line of treatment. “We were about to lose her definitely if we had not made a change to her treatment plan,” Dr. Sedkey, added. Salma’s case was presented to a combined clinic where doctors from different specialties gather to consult on the case in order to make a proper medical decision. Her treatment plan was changed, and her case was followed up closely until the miracle happened. The child’s condition improved greatly, and the results announced her response to the new treatment regimen. The six months after her admission to CCHE 57357 have changed her life from a hopeless case to a cancer survivor.  Today, Salma  is 8 years old and is living a normal life.