57357 launches soon the revolutionary radio therapeutic cyberknife, the first of its kind in Egypt

  In a separate building within the hospital’s campus, the Cyberknife machine will be located and installed. The building is soon expected to open its doors to treat patients, after a long wait.  Earlier, the new CT-simulator was acquired to support the function of the cyber knife sponsored by Egypt Cancer network 57357 U.S.

The significant advantage of the cyberknife is derived from its ability to provide the highest standards of patient safety through the precise and concentrated radiation emission to the malignant tissue while protecting the surrounded normal tissues during the radiotherapy session.

“Providing a cutting edge technology in the field of the radiotherapy that insures safety, accuracy and least number of prescribed sessions to the patient  ”, Dr. Azza Nasr, radiotherapy consultant at CCHE 57357 explaining the significance of the newly acquired device.  Using this machine would drop the number of radiotherapy sessions given to a patient to five sessions at max compared to the number of sessions required by traditional radiotherapy which range from 38 to 42 sessions. 

With this new technology, Hospital 57357 is pursuing to use the power of science and technological advancements to fight cancer and treat both hospital patients free of charge and adults from outside the hospital at reasonable costs which contribute to the hospital’s income for the treatment of the children.

Also, the radiotherapy department team has set up a rotation work plan to ensure the provision of quality medical care to all patients, both children and adults.

“With the new machine no invasive head fixation is needed during the session as the cyberknife arm can accurately detect the malignant spot while the patient is breathing normally’, Nasr added.

Physicians, physicists, and the nursing team will be offered two training rounds by specialists that will enable them to use the device optimally.   According to experts in the field of radiotherapy, the cyber-knife is regarded as an innovative technology that is capable of achieving similar therapeutic results to those produced by surgical intervention with the least invasive procedures.