57357 new Expansion

Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357 is the largest freestanding pediatric cancer hospital in the world. It was built and is being sustained completely by donations. In operation since July, 2007, it has quickly become recognized as a leader in providing a new level of quality healthcare in Egypt which is world class and where are all children are treated free of charge without discrimination to race, creed or ability to pay.
CCHE 57357 has been an innovator and leader of change in healthcare in the developing world. The 200 beds state of the art hospital has been built completely by donation and is being sustained by donation; establishing a new era of fundraising in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. In its first six years of operation, CCHE 57357 has firmly established itself as an institution that is in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality, and is a model of change in healthcare management, healthcare education and healthcare delivery in Egypt and the developing world.