A fully automated software devised by CCHE57357’s proteomics for accurate analysis of any given biological sample

A new research paper tackles the accuracy of identifying molecules using Mass spectrometry through devising a fully automated software by the CCHE57357’s proteomics team of biostatisticians.

Thanks to Egypt Cancer Network US who generously support the acquisition of the needed resources and equipment to carry out the different research studies at the proteomics unit.

CCHE57357’s proteomics team has recently posted its new release in the international journal of molecular sciences with an impact factor of 6.1, announcing the availability of a novel method for molecule identification.   

“if you want a reliable, fully automated software you can easily access our ‘SASA’ software that is invented by our skillful team of biostatisticians ‘, stated, Dr. Sameh Magd Eldeen, head of the proteomics and metabolomics unit at CCHE57357. 

The new software is made freely available through the proteomics web page of the 57357’s website for the analysis of all types of samples using a Mass Spectrometry device.

Through the new fully automated software, the team was able to accurately analyze any given biological sample (blood sample/biopsy) to determine the disease status and drug efficacy of a certain medication. 

It is noteworthy that the project was also supported nationally by Al Nahda university and the Egyptian national research center.