Abdelallem talking about Hospital 57357: “I belong here “ The story of a young future computer engineer who dreamed to beat cancer

Abdelaleem, our new cancer survivor was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, ALL ( a type of blood cancer) at Hospital 57357

  where his treatment journey witnessed many upheavals. Our success story starts when his regular examinations showed a relapse of the disease and a Bone Marrow Transplant, BMT procedure was the only treatment option he had. “News about relapse was like the end of the world to me”, reveals Abdelaleem, sharing how deeply disappointed and depressed he was upon receiving the bad news as he had just  completed the standard treatment protocol for ALL patients. ” I owe it to the caregivers at 57357 who have greatly helped me to hold on to life”, he added, highlighting that the social service team and the 57357’s team of psychiatrists enabled him to regain his fighting spirit and go through the BMT treatment procedure. Treating doctors began to explain all we needed to know concerning the procedure: the symptoms that follow, the importance of that stage in the child’s treatment journey,  the examinations and tests that the patient and his family members must undergo to find a matching donor. The results showed a high degree of matching of our young warrior and his elder brother. Alas, the family stumbled as they faced a new obstacle: the elder brother was engaged in military service.

Nevertheless, 57357’s administration went an extra mile and requested an occasional discharge of the elder brother to undergo the inevitable marrow transplant. And soon enough, the hospital’s request was accepted, and the lieutenant was permitted to go to the rescue of his brother , and medical efforts were crowned with the success of the BMT procedure.  ” The BMT unit team went beyond the provision of medical treatment services: they were so friendly and kind to me despite the complexity of the BMT procedure”, shares Abdelalim,  expressing his deep gratitude to the medical team during his isolation period in the BMT unit. The results of the routine tests came to confirm the recovery of our young warrior and he started to prepare for the final high school exams of.  Abdelaleem dreamed of becoming a computer engineer and the results of the exams came to announce his eligibility to join the college of his dreams which was his second victory following his triumph over the dreadful disease.