Hospital 57357 with its provision of free comprehensive quality care and cure is considered the safe haven for children with cancer and their families and their ultimate choice destination.

Moreover, as a result of Hospital 57357’s improved survival rates ( presently average over-all survival rate is around 72% which is nearly comparable with Western results (80-85%), its patient base is increasing which means more patients are being followed up and treated for a longer time making the need for expansion an urgency as present clinical and support spaces are stretched to capacity.

ECN Canada supporters have realized the importance and urgency of supporting the Hospital’s expansion program. As such, they are committed to maximizing their efforts in providing resources for that specific purpose. Click here to know more about the programs

The 57357 Institution is embarked on a number of program and capacity expansion projects for the long run to ultimately turn the actual Hospital into a Health Sciences Campus which will have the particularity of being a LEED green energy saving complex. RTKL, the world renowned architectural firm was responsible for developing a unique patient and family-centered design according to best practice in the field.

The expansion program is adding a number of buildings to the actual Hospital premises:

Out-patient Building: a larger out-patient facility doubling the present capacity. 52% of concrete works are completed where the foundations and three floors above ground level have been accomplished. Currently work is progressing on the 4th floor. The out-patient clinics’ building is going to be 14 floors high with a total area of 85 thousand square meters. It is expected that concrete works would be completed by the end of 2019.

Treatment building A (previously Intermediate Care):

57357 Management saw it appropriate to respond rapidly to pressing needs and transform what was destined to be an intermediate care building into a treatment building in the face of increased demand for our services and long waiting lists. The building will include 28 in-patient rooms, one day-care room with a capacity of 7 chairs for chemotherapy administration, minor surgeries room and a 2 bed recovery room. The building will also include a clinical pharmacy, a cafeteria, a kitchen and rooms for other required auxiliary services. 40% of the building’s finishing works have been accomplished.

Cyber Knife building:

For the first time in Egypt and Africa, Hospital 57357 has signed the purchasing contract of the Cyberknife treatment technology system. Cyberknife, unlike conventional radiation therapy that is often performed in conjunction with surgery, does not require surgical intervention. This technology entails the usage of image guidance software to track and continually adjust to locate the tumor, delivering high doses of radiation to target the area of treatment. This precision protects normal, healthy tissue, while the higher dosage offers improved chances for cure from cancer. The CyberKnife can treat inoperable and hard to reach cancerous tumors and is used anywhere in the body such as the brain, lung, prostate, pancreas, liver, and spine. For children with brain tumor cancer, which is the most common type of solid pediatric cancer, Cyberknife is particularly effective. Cyberknife technology requires a specific kind of set-up and installation. It is expected that in May 2019 we start the setting up of the building that will house the new technology. Currently we are working on the design of the building and the equipment rooms. It is expected to be completed and operating by 2020.

Proton Therapy Building:

The building design is complete, and currently we are working on getting the building license. Construction works are expected to be completed by end of 2019. In parallel, the manufacturer will be working on manufacturing and preparing the equipment.