At the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, psychological support to patient and family is part of the treatment plan

Hoda’s mom:

Hoda was diagnosed of non-Hodgkin lymphoma while she was only three. Before her referral to the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 the young girl suffered an abdominal pain that was accompanied with fever and loss of appetite and lasted for a whole week.  Imaging and scans at CCHE57357’s screening clinic showed an abdominal mass that was diagnosed as Burkitts lymphoma. Burkitts lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that is known as a fast growing and aggressive tumor.

Unfortunately, the detected mass was found occupying a relatively large space of the girl’s abdomen. The prescribed treatment protocol was composed of five chemotherapy cycles which required her to be hospitalized for monitoring and medical support “At CCHE57357 we found a family that contained our worries throughout the treatment journey”.

Hoda’s mother recalls how hard the first inpatient period of her daughter at CCHE57357 and the support of the medical team that enabled her to stay positive. Hoda the young warrior, was sent to the ICU at CCHE57357 due to side effects of the second round of chemotherapy that were so severe to raise the parent’s concerns and fears about losing their kid to the therapy and not the disease.

 Because of the severity of the disease, daily scans were carried out to determine the degree of the tumor’s response to the treatment. After five months of treatment, scan’s results came to signal the success of the treatment plan and the addition of Hoda the young warrior to CCHE57357’s list of survival patients.