CCHE57357 overcomes many challenges and records many achievements throughout 15 years of operation

This year, the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 commemorates 15 years of operation: fifteen years of hard work while overcoming many challenges. Thanks to God and to donors’ loyalty, we were able to maintain the success of 57357, and always realize new achievements while also at the same time we were able to treat thousands of children and increase over- all survival rates.

In the face of the tough situations that we encountered in addition to what we continue to face which have negatively impacted the total amount of donations, we kept the same quality care and excellent medical facilities presented to our patients.

Through the grace of God, the funds of our generous donors, and the hard work of the hospital staff, we maintained our success and excellent performance.

15 years of successes

-We began with 180 beds and expanded to 380 ones besides the 200 therapeutic beds in the daycare unit.

– We established new fields such as clinical pharmacy, clinical nutrition, and tumor pathology.

– We improved the labs and the blood bank and established new research divisions such as the genomic research unit, tumor biology, immunology unit, and proteomics one.   

What we achieved throughout the previous year 

-renewal of the JCI certification for the third time.

-Achieving the ASHP certification that ensures we are following international guidelines and principles of the American Society of Health systems pharmacists

– The renewal of American Nurses Credentialing Center ANCC certification by 57357’s nursing continuous education unit for the 4th in a row.

–  Completing the Cyberknife project which is due to be launched imminently.

– Accomplishing and kicking off the recreation center

-Last year, we reached the peak of published research papers with 84 research papers in cooperation with local and international universities.

– The upgrading of the hospital’s infusion pumps (the acquisition of 680 ones)

-The renewing of 150 inpatient beds (Cairo branch) and 45 beds (Tanta branch) 

– Purchasing a new disinfectant and waste disposal equipment.

-Continuing the restructuring of the Hospital garden and a new landscape.

-Finalizing the improvement of the electrical power station to increase its capacity.

What we are looking forward to achieve 

-To increase our over- all survival levels and to reach the global ones.  

-To develop new research studies that would help in elucidating the mystery of cancer disease and also to discover further treatments and new solutions to public concern problems.

-We want to protect our quality standards and performance and to continue to progress and expand despite all conditions.