CCHE57357 takes part in an applied study demonstrating the role of worldwide knowledge exchange in enhancing Neuroblastoma treatment strategies.

CCHE57357 takes part in a practical study that validates the worth of world sharing of experiences in for  enhancing Neuroblastoma treatment strategies.

At  the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE)57357, we exert all efforts to apply the most updated treatment protocols and to share our experiences through collaboration with international cancer centers.   In this context, the hospital contributed to an applied study to assess the value of collaboration between international experts  within the Neuroblastoma network during a period of 10 years (2010-2020) and how this impacted the treatment strategies of complex cases.

   “The study was applied on 412 children from 42 countries”, reveals Dr. Mohamed Fawzy, head of the Neuroblastoma research team in CCHE57357. ” Physicians from the USA and different countries around the world who are members of the international Neuroblastoma network participated in the study “, added Dr. Fawzy .  CCHE57357 contributed to this study with a total number of 25 cases, as Neuroblastoma is one of the most frequent malignancies in children.  The collaboration included lectures, scientific meetings also opinion sharing between Neuroblastoma experts of an international network from diverse majors (chemistry, radiology, surgery, innovative treatment methods)

The study that was published in Cancer & Pediatric Blood journal with an impact factor of 3.167 has come to the conclusion that the collaboration between experts is an advantage and has helped in enhancing treatment protocols while also reaching novel solutions to defeat the disease.