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Cycle For the Cause

This fall, on the 5th and 6th of September, a recently formed group of Egyptian Canadian cyclists have decided to dedicate five cycling rides in three different provinces of Canada to the cause of Egypt’s children with cancer.

The group, presently composed of 100 members, plan to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 through the challenge of cycling ride via Egypt Cancer Network-Canada, the non-profit charity which supports the Hospital,

In Egypt, this wonderful initiative was welcomed with profound gratitude and great excitement by the Children’s Cancer Hospital - 57357!

Stay tuned for the latest developments and cycling rides exact time, location and itinerary by visiting Egypt Cancer Network-Canada’s site where you can also acquaint yourself with some of the participants. The plan for the rides is as follows: Toronto East and Ottowa on Sept.5 ,Toronto West, Montreal, and Calgary on Sept.6.

Thank you for supporting our cyclists who carry the love of Egypt’s children in their hearts. Your donation to ECN, Canada will change the lives of Egyptian kids with cancer and give them hope in a brighter future.

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