For the fourth time, the American Nursing Credentialing Center ANCC accredits 57357’s nursing as a continuous professional development unit

Last month the education unit of the nursing department at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357 was accredited for the fourth time successively by the American Nursing Credentialing Center ANCC as a specialized training unit for continuous professional development . The recent revalidation of the accreditation came to affirm the hospital’s dedication to excellence and global quality norms.

The American nurses credentialing center is one of the most prominent nursing accreditation centers in the world and the hospital 57357 is the first medical institution to get the accreditation in Egypt and in the middle east. 

 In CCHE 57357 the Nursing  team is acknowledged for its  aptitude, experience, and the high quality care they offer to their patients with kindness and compassion .

The main goal of the unit is to increase the knowledge and the skills of the nursing team through an ongoing training process, research and offering instructive programs in many medical related areas within the pediatric oncology field. Also, the education unit is committed to exchange experiences with nursing teams from different hospitals through their training programs.

“The continuous education unit was accredited for the first time in 2012 by the A NCCN “said  Safa Ramadan, head of  57357”s nursing continuous education unit. The accreditation was renewed in 2014 for 2 years , and again in 2016 for the third time. The accreditation was finally revalidated for the fourth time this year to include continuous nursing education, recognizing the unit’s continuous professional development until 2024.