Goudy’s Mom : my beloved daughter was in safe hands at CCHE57357

Our new cancer survivor is Goudy, a gorgeous young girl who will attract the attention and smiles of each and every one. Goudy, the six-year-old girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 when she was only four.   Back then in the screening clinic, the medical team had run the preliminary tests to come out with the serious diagnosis that she had cancer.  For the family the news about their daughter’s illness was a horrible nightmare.

“We are forever thankful to CCHE57357 because since then they have been providing us with the needed medical and moral support to overcome this terrible ordeal”, shares Goudy’s mother, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for the great efforts of the medical team and staff. The brave young Goudy started the prescribed treatment protocol immediately after the visit and meeting with her primary doctor at the outpatient clinic.  The baby girl used to hold a doll tightly between her hands the first time she came to the procedure room where a cannula had to be inserted in her arm. She was so afraid of the procedure that the nursing team came up with a little play where they used her doll to simulate the cannula insertion procedure, showing her how simple the procedure is.  The nursing team managed to calm her down. “Since that moment I believed that my daughter is in safe hands”, said Goudy’s Mom.  After completing 12 rounds of chemotherapy with no complications, the primary doctor decided on undergoing an autologous bone marrow transplant for Goudy that also went smoothly.  Goudy’s Mom is thankful for the success of her daughter’s treatment journey that has happily ended as tests show no evidence of disease.