Hend’s mother: “The exceptional care of CCHE57357 was the bright side of our daughter’s illness journey

It seemed to be only a normal illness until the parents had the right diagnosis at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE)57357’s screening clinic for their daughter.  Hend was diagnosed of Hodgkin lymphoma after she suffered from enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. The screening clinic of CCHE57357 was the first step of a successful treatment plan for Hend at CCHE57357.

“Dr. Hanaa was wonderful knowing how to contain our worries while she had to disclose information about the nature of the disease and the proposed treatment plan”,  shares Hend’s mom, expressing her gratefulness towards the primary consultant of her daughter for being responsive to family concerns about an unusual disease and long-term side effects of the treatment .

On stretchers at CCHE57357’s  daycare unit , Hend the young painter has started the treatment regimen of leukemia in the hospital where she developed strong connections with the medical staff and other patients too.

 “I wanted to convey my deep gratitude for the existence of a meticulously cleaned hospital as CCHE57375 and its professional nursing team” the mother added. After a year of a successful treatment plan in CCHE57357 that went smoothly due to the high degree of infection control, the friendly medical care team was the bright side of Hend’s illness ordeal.​