Kareem and Omar are two brothers whose destinies were joined at the crossroads of illness and treatment in 57357

Kareem is receiving bone cancer treatment and Omar is receiving lymphoma cancer treatment.

Their mother: at the end of 2017, Kareem complained of pain in his leg. By then he was 7 years old. We took him to many doctors, after x-rays and tests we discovered bone cancer. Doctors advised us to go to Hospital 57357.

We came from Alsharkeya to Cairo, and they put us on the waiting list. One days later we were admitted, and doctors repeated the tests, after which he started chemotherapy. After the end of the treatment he got hit again by the disease in the lungs. He had a surgery to remove the tumor after which he continued his treatment.

Eight months after Kareem’s treatment I discovered a swollen spot in his younger brother’s leg. By then he was 5 years old. I took him and hurried to the Hospital in Belbais. The doctor requested x-rays and tests that revealed the growth of abnormal cells. He advised me to take him to his brother’s treating doctor in 57357. After taking him to the doctor and testing a sample of the tumor, they found out  he had lymphoma cancer. Omar started his treatment in 57357. My children’s treatment cost is huge, but thanks be to God, Hospital 57357 is bearing it totally. The treatment and everything else the Hospital provides is for free, we didn’t pay for anything, may God protect the Hospital so that they continue treating Kareem, Omar and all sick children.

Kareem and Omar’s treatment journeys are long, you can contribute to their treatment by donating to the Hospital’s account number, 57357 in all the banks, or call us on 19057 to send you our representative.