Lugina is a 57357 fighter who defeated cancer and will go back to playing gymnastics again

Our fighter, Lugina is 8 years old and lives in Cairo. She was admitted in August 2020 and diagnosed with leukemia.  Her treatment journey ended in April 2023 when she took her last chemotherapy dose and started the follow up stage.
“The hardest thing for a mother is when she’s told that her daughter has cancer”, shared Lugina’s mother. It was a shock for me especially as she got sick suddenly. She was unable to walk after being actively playing gymnastics. We went to 57357 while I was hopeless and broken down. I used to hear about 57357, but didn’t know anything about it other than that it treats children with cancer. When we were admitted I was surprised with the strict admission system, tests and treatment timing. I met with Dr. Sali Mohamed, Oncology consultant in Hospital 57357, who frankly talked about Lugina’s condition. She comforted me and reassured me that she will get better, and back to walking again. She told me that this usually happens with all leukemia cases, and that she would get better after treatment, God willing. I spent 50 days in the Hospital with my daughter.  I was carrying her when we were admitted; when time came to leave the hospital, she was back on her feet again. Day after day, Lugi got better as she was getting to the end of the chemotherapy treatment.  My prayers were answered and we started the follow up stage. At 57357, they don’t just offer our children quality care, they treat them and treat us with compassion and mercy. They offer children the best treatment, outstanding care, and they understand our fears for our children. They reassure us and tell us how to deal with them. After returning home they follow up with us to ensure that they are taking their medications in a timely manner. Hospital 57357 was restored our joy of living, may God bless and protect them and grant healing to all children.
Lugina shared with us her happiness of completing the chemotherapy treatment: “I was very happy when I finished treatment, and knew that I don’t need to install cannula again, as it was painful. I am happy to go back to playing gymnastics as I used too. I like the Hospital where I meet my friends, and the clown Carawan. I play and make nice bracelets at the recreation center. I wish to become a doctor and work for 57357, to treat all children”.
At 57357, with Lugina we come across a new success story with a new hope for recovery. Thanks be to God and to donors’ support the cure dream becomes a reality.