Omar’s mom: “Nursing team at CCHE 57357 went beyond their call of duty’

Back in 2018, Omar a four-year-old boy felt sick, feverish and stopped joining his two brothers Ahmed and Tarek for lunch as he used to. This condition lasted for several days until an abscess in his mouth was detected. Low levels of hemoglobin and platelets were revealed through preliminary examinations carried out at the screening clinic upon his referral to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt CCHE 57357.  “The word cancer dropped on us like a death sentence”, recalls Omar’s mother. 

“The treatment journey started in the inpatient section on the Hospital’s fifth floor with a great deal of psychology on the part of all caregivers to manage my anxiety and create a joyful atmosphere around my boy to ease the tension and fear of this first encounter with the Hospital. Soon enough, I started to realize that at Hospital 57357, all staff were in the business of defying those two words “death” and “cancer”, shared Omar’s mother.  “Closeness and confidence characterized the special friendship that developed between Omar and myself during the first inpatient period’ said Mr. Khaled Ahmed, nursing team member on CCHE 57357’s fifth floor. “ The nursing team was very helpful, passionate and consistently humane when dealing with the patients, providing an understanding ear and continuous support throughout different stages of the treatment journey” confirmed the mother.

After completing three years of treatment at 57357, the handsome little boy with a lovely  smile talks about big dreams he wants to achieve and a brighter future he looks forward to and his mother is grateful that her son is happy and on the road to good health.