Salma’s mother” CCHE57357 has become our second home”From a cancer patient fighting a dreadful disease to a survivor and performing member in 57357’s chorale

Salma was only three when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She was unwell for a whole month before being finally referred to the Children’s cancer hospital 57357.

The mother was told that she would get the right diagnosis and treatment at the hands of fleet of pediatric oncology experts. Based on the primary results of 57357’s screening clinic, Salma was admitted to the hospital and started on the prescribed treatment protocol.  News about the kid’s serious diagnosis and hospitalization was shocking to the family. Salma’s separation from her family during the first hospitalization period was very challenging as she had to go through a rigid treatment protocol. The art therapy workshop located on the third floor of the hospital used to be the most pleasant space for a kid who is fond of music.

“We were thankful for having a delightful space for our kids to express themselves through artistic activities in a hospital setting”, says Salma’s mother, expressing her gratitude towards the hospital’s special care of the psychological well-being of her child. While receiving treatment, Salma was given the opportunity through various activities to develop her artistic skills, namely singing A few months later, the regular examinations showed a great response to the treatment plan while at the same time Salma was developing her connections to many friends who share her passion for music. Three years later, Salma joined CCHE 57357’s choral as a volunteer and a cancer survivor who considers CCHE57357 as her second home.