Sayed is a hero who is fighting brain cancer in 57357

Sayed’s mother: this Hospital was a lifeline for us, they gave us hope in his cure.

Our little hero’s story started when he came from Zakazik in December 2022. He was admitted to Hospital 57357 and was diagnosed with cerebellum cancer. Right after admission he had a surgery to remove the tumor. Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, his treating doctor prescribed radiotherapy doses for him followed by chemotherapy. He has completed the radiotherapy sessions and started the chemotherapy.

Sayed is in the second year of preparatory school. He has an introverted personality and likes reading about astronomy and psychology. In 57357, Sayed overcame his shyness, became sociable, and made friends everywhere, especially Ms. Soha and Mr. kareem from the nursing staff.

I only have Sayed and his younger brother, revealed his mother. I lost hope in his survival when I saw him screaming of pain in his head, becoming unbalanced and unable to walk normally. The Hospital made a miracle with him, they gave me hope that he would recover and return back to his healthy condition. I used to see ads in the TV about the Hospital, but didn’t imagine that inside this place there is a different world and people who serve our children wholeheartedly and with dedication

At the Hospital they took over the fear, worry, and the burden of treating him. We didn’t pay any money, and all children receive treatment equally. Here they take care of our children as if they were their own. in order to succeed, Sayed’s surgery needed sophisticated equipment and intensive care. Without 57357, how could we afford all of this! He is taking his treatment doses regularly, and started to get better day after day.

I like to advice everyone who wants to do charity, to come and donate to 57357. This Hospital grants our children hope. My son and many others like him receive the best care, with smiles on their faces despite suffering from a dreadful disease, and their families are reassured about them.

With your support, our hero Sayed and many children like him can pursue their treatment and receive the best care.