Sixteen years have already gone by since the inception of our home, Hospital 57357

Education, quality, and commitment are the secret behind success

It is a festive day when a child completes his treatment and is on the road to cure

Today, 7/7/2023, we celebrate the anniversary of the start of operation at Hospital 57357, the home that we built with a lot of effort and determination. In which was a leap in the field of pediatric cancer. Behind this accomplishment, there was a 30 year long journey of struggles, challenges and resolute actions .

Before the inception of the Hospital, children with cancer suffered from lacking capabilities and equipment. As such, the idea of changing the care administration and outcomes for these children found its way among the founders who dreamed big and relied on their efforts, determination and evidence-based practices. Since the start, they were dreaming of a cancer free childhood. As such since the first day they were committed to providing best quality care, with dedication and justice.

Ever since the day we started, we were concerned about continuous education and research. We offered latest equipment, treatment technics, and established partnerships with major international universities and treatment centers. The world recognized our stature, and we became an accredited training center for international training programs in infection control, clinical pharmacy, nursing and others.

This year we have opened the Cyberknife unit which is a leap in radiotherapy treatment. We are getting ready to open the proton therapy building and managing to expand the bone marrow transplantation unit which will contribute to saving a larger number of critical and relapsing cases. We carry out continuous upgrading for equipment and labs, and we are concerned about clinical nutrition. We have a research department, and our research studies are published in major world journals. We have saved critical cases, performed high precision and rare surgeries. We also offer education and prepare highly qualified medical professionals.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our big home, 57357, yet, every day a child is cured is for us a celebration day. We are dreaming of cure for all our children, and we will keep dreaming. The pledge is huge and the cost is great but we are committed to high quality, distinction and continuous upgrade. We will keep progressing , as our children deserve the best.

We are taking the chance of 57357’s anniversary to say thank you to all our supporters who have always been backing us up. Thank you for your unwavering trust and support during difficult circumstances.