Supported by her oncologist, Hedaya is able to beat the cancer and at the same time to join medical school

 The inflamed lymph nodes have made our survivor nagging for a couple of months and that was only the start as the treatment journey had brought her way unprecedented situations some of which were tough but still the majority evolved with happy endings. In 2018, the star of our story Hedaya Abdallah, a 17 year old girl from Ismailia was diagnosed with non- Hodgkin lymphoma  ( a type of cancer that originates in the lymphatic system)at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 where she  started her treatment protocol at the daycare unit.

But when she learns of her health condition during her final year of schooling, she decides to postpone her studies, and that was a tough decision for a studious girl like her. 

The nasty side effects of chemotherapy including weight and hair loss, and nausea were not the only reasons behind Hedaya’s decision to postpone taking the end of schooling Exam for the following year postponement, the financial burden of commuting from her home town in Ismailia governorate (city in the north-eastern part of Egypt) to the hospital, three times per month during the six months’ duration of her recommended treatment plan has also contributed to her decision.

“I teamed up with her to confront the disease and achieve victory over it without affecting her school performance during this critical decisive year”, said Dr. Hanaa Rashad, pediatric oncology consultant at 57357, the primary doctor of Hedaya.  The oncologist had set a plan that suites the chemotherapy session dates in Cairo without hindrance to the schedule of  Hedaya’s classes in her home town.

“I would like to thank the hospital for its dedication to providing the highest possible quality of medical care without any financial stress’, said Hedaya’s father. 

“Fortunately, I’ve been receiving medical and psychological support, and I’ve been inspired by the doctor’s encouragement to achieve my dream of wearing the white coat and holding the stethoscope ‘,said  Hedaya.  

  Finally, the plans are bearing fruit as Hedaya has defeated cancer and achieved her goal by joining the school of medicine, where she has a lot to offer to many patients after graduation.   ​