The Canadian International College in Egypt grants 20 scholarships annually to 57357’s patients

“We are proud to announce our cooperation with a leading healthcare non-profit organization, the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357′, said Dr Mahmoud Abu-El Nasr,the scientific consultant of  the Canadian International college group . Early this month, Hospital 57357 has signed a protocol of collaboration with the Canadian International College group CIC within the framework of the latter’s corporate social responsibility.

Hospital 57357’s CEO expressed his gratitude for the generous support of the CIC group that includes annual granting of 20 scholarships to the hospital’s patients upon their graduation from high school to be admitted the college’s 2 branches in different specialties. The protocol also stipulates a mutual cooperation within the fields of the scientific research, education and training and the opportunity for CIC students to benefit from the hospital’s experience in the previously mentioned fields. An interactive embedded link to the hospital’s website within the college’s website will be providing useful nutritional information aimed at raising the level of awareness among students of the college.

Signing the protocol on behalf of CIC was Dr. Mahmoud Abu- El Nasr the scientific consultant of the CIC group and the previous minister of higher education in the presence of Dr. Manal Zamzam, director of 57357’s continuing education and development department and Dr. Shahenda El-Naggar, head of the research department at the hospital. The protocol signing was also attended by Dr. Amal Ghazawi, dean of CIC’s Media Institute, Tamer Refaat, dean of Engineering Institute, Dr. Rania Taher, deputy dean of Management Institute, and a group of the teaching staff as well as a delegation from the university’s student union.

 During the meeting, the hospital’s CEO, presented the challenges that were encountered by the hospital during the coronavirus outbreak where the Hospital pursued the provision of quality medical and psychological care for its patients, supported by its charitable donors and partners. He highlighted how the Hospital is relying on research in all work fields and applying evidence-based practices to offer its children world standard services. He spoke to students saying that the Hospital will always be welcoming them to receive training in different specializations.

“The entities that are built on sustainable education and improvement such as 57357 deserve our respect and it is an honor to deal with you” said Dr. Abu El—Nasr, expressing the College’s enthusiasm to provide support to the Hospital and its patients and the commitment to all the above-mentioned cooperation aspects.